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Library Cards

Getting your Library Card

Library cards are issued free of charge to residents of Hollis. (Persons residing outside the town but owning property in Hollis, persons attending schools in Hollis, or persons permanently employed in the Town of Hollis shall be considered residents for library purposes.) Cards are also available to non-residents for a yearly fee of $35.

• Each household member must be present to receive their library card.

• Children must be 5 years old to receive a library card.

• The replacement fee for a lost or damaged library card is $2.00.

Residents and property owners should present a current photo ID and printed verification of address within the Town of Hollis. (A P.O. Box or business address is not sufficient.)

Employees working in Hollis should present a current photo ID and printed verification of employment within the Town of Hollis (current pay stub, a letter signed by their employer, etc).

Student cards are issued free to non-resident students attending school in Hollis. Students must bring a current student ID and printed verification of their current address. A parent or guardian’s proof of current address may be used if the student does not have printed verification of their current address.

Non-residents may purchase a library membership for $35/year. Non-residents must present a current photo ID and printed verification of address.

Jump Start Your Application

Fill out our Library Card Application Form below and we’ll have your card waiting for you on your next visit!

Things to Know:

  • You must be 5+ years to get a Hollis Social Library Card.
  • To pick up your library card, you must:
    • Have your photo id with your current street address on it (or a photo id and documentation/mail with your current street address).
    • Bring your parent/guardian with you if you’re under 18 years old.
    • Sign your library card application when you pick up your card.
  • Cards are free for town residents, students who attend school in Hollis & anyone who works in Hollis.
  • Non-resident cards are $35/year.