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Strategic Plan 2023-2026


Connect, Explore, Inspire


The Hollis Social Library welcomes and connects the community with informational, cultural, and enriching resources to promote literacy, stimulate the imagination, and support lifelong learning.

Strategic Plan 2023-2026:

Strategic Direction 1: Community Engagement

Engage the Community Through Relationships and Communication


  1. Expand community outreach and cultivate connections with local partners to strengthen relationships and visibility.
  2. Increase community awareness of library services through creative communications and promotions.

Strategic Direction 2: Strong Core Services

Inspire Lifelong Learning through Programs, Collections, and Services


  1. Design and deliver robust and responsive programming.
  2. Update and diversify collections to broaden selection and encourage exploration.
  3. Ensure excellent customer service and adapt library services to meet the evolving needs of the community.

Strategic Direction 3: Culture, Spaces, and Sustainability

Grow and Develop Staffing, Spaces, and Financial Stability


  1. Expand staff capacity and foster a positive work culture.
  2. Optimize library spaces to provide a welcoming, comfortable, and functional library for all.
  3. Develop financial resources to provide for future needs and growth.

Strategic Plan Directions & Goals

Strategic Plan Learning Report