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Password Needed for Libby & Overdrive Starting May 2nd


What does this mean?

Starting May 2nd you will need both a library card number and a password to access NH Overdrive and the Libby App through the Hollis Social Library.

I don’t have a password

Your Overdrive/Libby App password is the same as your online Hollis Social Library account password.

I don’t have an online HSL account

Everyone has an online HSL account. Cardholders were required to reset their online HSL password beginning April 2nd. For instructions on how to reset your HSL password so you can access Overdrive/Libby App click here.

Why is this happening?

In order to be inline with current security standards, a password and library card number will be required to access Overdrive and Libby. This will help keep your account secure.

Do I need to enter a password every time I access my account?

No. You will need to verify your account once by entering your library card number and password. Your login will then be remembered on your personal device.