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Collection Highlight: Paperbacks


Did you know that HSL has a paperback collection? It’s the perfect place to find a great read for a visit to the beach or a long trip.

Why choose a paperback? It’s a matter of size. Paperbacks are light, small, and perfectly portable! Stop by today and find a book to take with you on your next adventure.


Here are some captivating titles that we recommend:

Murder on the House by Juliet Blackwell When a murder occurs while she is spending the night in a haunted bed-and-breakfast, contractor Mel Turner, who can communicate with the dead, tries to get the resident spirits to reveal the identity of the killer.
Blowback by Brad Thor When a lethal illness with a suspicious source begins working its way through the United States and Europe, Homeland Security operative Scot Harvath teams up with a mysterious British counterpart to find out who is responsible.
In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner Rose Feller is a thirty year old high-powered attorney with a secret passion for romance novels. She dreams of finding the perfect man. She also dreams of getting her, (twenty-eight year old, drop-dead gorgeous, and only occasionally employed) little sister to get her life together.
Storm Front by Jim Butcher Meet Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, a Chicago-based private investigator who also happens to be the only person listed under “Wizards” in the phone book. A frequent consultant for the police on paranormal crimes, Harry is called in to investigate when someone is using magic to commit murder.
Scoundrel by Zoe Archer After three years of straight-laced widowhood, London Harcourt jumps at the chance to join her father on a voyage to the Greek Isles where she meets adventurer–and notorious ladies man–Bennett Day.
Star Wars: Fury by Aaron Allston Jacen Solo’s plans for galactic conquest are threatened when his parents, Han and Leia, join forces with the Corellian rebels, while Luke struggles to deal with his grief over the loss of his wife, and Jaina, Jag, and Zekk search for the assassin.